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Ideal Village Lelystad The Netherlands
In 1979 Maharishi called on the Dutch sidhas to create an ideal village, so that the effect of the daily group practice of the TM-Sidhi program could be demonstrated in this 'Land of Wholeness'. The Netherlands, with its many subsidy possibilities, provide an ideal situation in which to launch such a project.

The ideal village was started in 1985 in an area which offers the most space and the cleanest environment: the new province, Flevoland (reclaimed land). On the outskirts of Lelystad, a city of 60.000 inhabitants, the Dutch sidhas were allowed to build their own suburb, according to their own principles. The ideal village has grown steadily and it now includes 275 homes of different sizes, a beautiful dome, a junior school, a vegetarian restaurant, business- and office accommodation, a Maharishi Ayurveda clinic and much more.

In March 1994 one of our Natural Law Party candidates was elected into the local city council and is 1998 he was elected again. There are about 350 adults and 175 children living in the village. Since Maharishi gave the Dutch sidha village a European status, we have a steady stream of sidha immigrants coming to enjoy all that the Ideal Village Lelystad has to offer.

Lelystad is an average sized city, situated in an environment of natural beauty, on the edge of the IJssel Lake. There is no heavy industry in the area and no high rise buildings. The suburbs are green and varied. There are many opportunities for recreation, sport and cultural activities in and around the city. Lelystad lies only 45 minutes away from Amsterdam and Utrecht and is easily reached by public transport.

The Ideal Village has its own property developer and housing agency, which rents out the various houses and business accommodations. All the houses are built using environment friendly materials and are well insulated. All kinds of households are catered for: families, singles, people who prefer a larger house, others who only need two rooms. There are two-roomed apartments, two- and three bedroomed houses (all for rent) and also privately owned houses. It is possible to buy a piece of ground on which to build your own house.

There are also a number of apartments and rooms to rent for short periods, for families with children and for singles.

For lodgings please contact:

meditatie koepel
meditation Dome

The Dome
In November 1991 a dream became reality: The inauguration of our beautiful meditation hall, big enough for 250 sidhas set in a large garden. Every day about 80 sidhas do their program here. The atmosphere in the dome is very fine, especially as it is only used for group program, advanced courses, seasonal festivities and concerts. For the group of meditators in the Village there is a separate meditation room.

The Academy
The sidha village and its dome have become well known among sidhas and meditators in the Netherlands. All kinds of courses are being organized here, from World Peace Assembly, veriliser courses, and other roundings courses.

Our proximity to Vlodrop (about 3 hours traveling by car) facilitates contact with Maharishi, so that we keep up to date with knowledge and new directions in the TM-movement. Many of us also regularly travel to Vlodrop to take part in celebrations such as Guru purnima, Maharishi's birthday and Mahalakshmi celebrations. Next to the dome we also have a satellite receiver so that we can all witness the celebration, which are internationally broadcasted.

chlidren performing ballet

The Maharishi Junior School- Maharishi Basis School
We are very proud of our own junior school, which has attracted many families to the sidha-village. The school caters for children from 4 to 12/ 13 years of age and has about 120 children. The children meditate together morning and afternoon and have Science of Creative Intelligence and Ayur Veda lessons. The Junior School is an officially registered school and is for the greater part paid by the government.

There is a nice playschool, which has its home in the junior school. This playschool is every weekday-morning and is also everypopular with children from outside the village

Catering and recreation
What else has the village to offer? There is a large healthfood supermarket; a vegetarian restaurant (with a good reputation in and outside the village); a sidhavillage union, which organizes all kinds of events, excursions and courses; there is a sportsclub and an arts club, which organizes exhibitions and concerts.

Maharishi Ayurveda Clinic
One of the houses has been transformed into a Maharishi Ayurveda clinic and run by two part time Maharishi Ayurveda doctors. Consults and all the various Maharishi Ayurveda treatments are available here. Panchakarma guests can order specially prepared meals at the vegetarian restaurant and can stay one of the guest-apartments or guestrooms. (See at the end of this page, under guest-accommodation)

Many villagers travel by car or by train every day to their work, but there is an increasing number who work on their own business in the village. There are software firms, trading companies, a bicycle repair and retail shop, accountancy offices and two telephone companies which sell intercontinental contacts at a reduced rate. Most of the employees are sidhas living in the village.

A warm welcome to all

The European sidha village in the Netherlands is continually expanding. The villagers enjoy living here. The atmosphere is good and the growing program gives much bliss and inspiration. Even passers by notice the difference. We therefor invite you to come and visit us so that you can also enjoy all the village has to offer. Sidhas of many nationalities already live here and fully enjoy the togetherness in our European Sidha Village.

zomerfeest dansend rond groot vuur
Midsommer-night party: dancing around a fire

Guests-accommodation: email .

Group program:

for participants in the group program a badge is necessary. To get a badge you need a recommendation from your national TM-office, With this recommendation you can arrange a badge at the following address:

Sidhadorp Office
Rivierenlaan 219
8226LH Lelystad
tel. +31 320  216 724


For more information about housing, please contact the
Stichting Harmonisch Leven (Harmonious Living Foundation)
Rivierenlaan 230
8226 LA Lelystad. Netherlands.
Tel: +31 320 218 077.


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